In this post I show the result of carrying a sequence of tests to the rebuild Wörner drilling press to check its accuracy. I took an Aciera 10 drilling machine inspection chart as a reference. Both machines are of similar size and Aciera quality is second to none.

The factors that make a machine to “work smoothly” are many: rigidity, weight, ergonomy, power, sensitivity,… Between them, the working precision is of utmost importance. Testing procedures, as those proposed by Schlesinger in its famous book, try to determine the overall state of a metalworking machine by measuring some critical parameters. Testing tables exist that abridged the required measures for a kind of machine tool.

The results obtained are shown in this doc.

You can see that runout of the spindle is perfectly under the limit. However, the orthogonality of the quill respect the table is not satisfied. Although not critical, I will stick a new todo on the window to further investigate this issue.

In the case you are interested to test your drilling machine with the same card, you can download this empty version (translated to catalan) that I prepared: drilling machine testing card.

Below, you will find a short video of the testing work of the MK2 socket runout. Note that the indicator is graduated in 2 µm steps.