Nothing annoys more to me that a machine loosing oil and spilling it on the floor. Despite this, many machines are designed with not too much attention to this detail and lost oil mechanisms are usual. The Schaublin 13 has also some mechanisms that loose oil by design and some of them spill the oil on the floor.. ugly design I would say.

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Next step in the SV13 overhauling path has been to end the horizontal spindle head and mount it into its ways definitively. Some works remain to be done: finish the fitting of the slideways, clean and relube the feed screw assembly, do the cosmetic work and finally inspect and relube if needed the spindle bearings.

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In the way of renovate the Schaublin 13, it is time to manage the lamp support and its connection. Lamp is attached to the side of the machine and, in the interior, a small junction box would be desirable. I tailored a made-to-size box of steel sheet.

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