I was obsessed with those beautiful optional tailstocks built by Leinen that appear in the lathe parts catalog. An intense surveillance in ebay has given some partial results. The first attempt achieved this nice capstan-handle tailstock that admits the 25 mm 363E collets:

However, although the tailstock is in pretty good condition (just cosmetic issues) it is not appropiate to the Leinen LZ4SB dimensions. It shares the 130mm center height but the bed dimensions are not the same. First lesson: double check attachments dimensions! During a time, I thought it could be remachined to fit the LZ4SB. However, I feel sad about this possibility given the overall state of the item. At the end, I decided to refubish it to new and trade it again. I will relate here the refurbishing when done.

After some time I get this nice lever-action tailstock together with a corresponding tailstock turret and some tools for the turret. This is the tailstock:

This tailstock was sold in many flavors. Actually, this one fits perfectly with the dimensions of LZ4SB and admits the collets of 15 mm instead of the 25 mm ones. In the pictures below, you can see the four positions turret and its tools:

The tools are:

  • An automatic tap holder.
  • An automatic die holder.
  • A couple of small collet holders. These appear in the Leinen attachments catalog and, after some measuring, I could say they are for collets of type 113E. Unfortunately, the same seller sold some time after a complete set of these collets without noticing me :-/.

This tailstock also requires some work done to restore its value. You will have some news soon. Note that both tailstocks are of an older kind were the barrel locking is done by pressing the slitted housing. Newer models use the also usual half moon slitted cylinder and bolt to lock the barrel.