Klaiber Ws2 Platform

I made a solid platform from welded steel profiles to allow the Klaiber to be carried by a manual pallet truck. I left some images just for others inspiration 😄.

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Foundry Works 1

During the last months I’ve been helping Luke Rickert —of Elisenberg Engineering— to move forward a foundry project. I had a limited experience on foundry business that comes from the rebuilding of a cabinet saw and Luke’s project became a really interesting experience.

All begins when Luke asked me about foundries in Catalonia. He currently lives in southern France and he is really close to catalan speaking lands.

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Old mechanical sewing machines are a true gift: robust, nice, effective and useful. Refurbishing them is, however, not so easy. Screws, particulary, are most of them made following old norms or simply following no norms. This is the story of a Singer sewing machine screw.

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