In the way of renovate the Schaublin 13, it is time to manage the lamp support and its connection. Lamp is attached to the side of the machine and, in the interior, a small junction box would be desirable. I tailored a made-to-size box of steel sheet.

I began by accurately marking a medium thickness steel sheet and cutting it to size using a simple hand saw. Corners have been drilled previously to make easier the bending process.

After that, the sheet is bent on the big blacksmith vice with the help of a hammer. The last bendins step needs some additional supports of a reduced size as can be seen on the pictures below.

Next step is to weld the new edges that form the box.

Finally, the box is drilled and finished by filing smoothly the weld seams. Just some coating and the box is ready,

It will be screwed in the machine interior using the same through drills that are used to screw on the lamp support. The last pictures show the result. With this, the connection of the wiring pipe is much more nice and robust.