While overhauling the Schaublin 13, some o-rings are to be replaced. The original plans show a cryptic reference for the parts. We found how they relate to o-ring sizes.

The Schaublin manual shows o-ring referencies of type PRP-ddd where ddd stands for a 3 digits number. We realized that this corresponds to the 3 digits o-ring numbered series of standard SAE AS568. This allows us to check again the replaced o-rings for its right dimensions.

In the following table, you will find a summary of o-rings we replaced during the Schaublin 13 (1974 model) overhauling.

PartManual referenceMetric size (mm)
Feeds gearboxPRP-0106.07 x 1.78
PRP-01615.6 x 1.78
Lubrication pumpPRP-1109.19 x 2.62
PRP-02326.7 x 1.78
PRP-02631.47 x 1.78
Variator pulleyPRP-21932.92 x 3.53
PRP-12126.64 x 2.62
Speed change leverPRP-21018.64 x 3.53