During the COVID'19 lockdown I spent part of my time disassembling the drilling press. In this post I will show the cosmetic works. The machine arrived with a nasty layer of lack over the original one. I decided to spend time recovering its original aspect. This required to strip off all the paint in bad condition and tp prepare the surface to be lackered again. In some parts, like the pulleys cover, I go until the bare metal. In others, I decided to preserve the original putty layers. If gone to metal, I first applied a layer of etching primer. In both cases, I followed with a filler layer and finally lackered with synthetic enamel RAL 6011, which was the original tone.

Not inusual, I had some problems with the filler layer. It is prone to crack when it dries. Probably due to the high tensions that appear when autoleveling. I guess that the support is not good enought. It’s really annoying. After repeating the cycle of sanding and spraying filler several times, most of the problems disapperared (but not all of them).

Below you will find some pictures of the proces.