As I explained some posts ago, my garage is being fully overhauled and reorganized. Because of this, I sold the Pujantell lathe and a Milling/drilling Cincinnati machine. Now I sold also my shaper. It’s a Rile-300 shaper, 300mm being the stroke length.

The machine is very similar to other of the same dimensions. Actually, it’s almost identical to Sacia-300, a very usual spanish shaper. I don’t know if Rile is related to Sacia in some way. Unfortunately, I didn’t find any literature about this machine model in years.

The machine includes the very heavy original vise and a rotating worktable. This allows to plane a number of compound angles very easily. The ram can move at three speeds that are selected by a rear handle.

Below, you will found some pictures of it.

There are also a couple of short vids with the machine working: