A new guest

The garage has a new guest. It is a small universal tool grinder. A Klaiber WS2 maybe of the last models built by Lechler. Below, there are some pictures. As you can see the overall state is good. Finishing is original. I only appreciated a very slight  wear in the table lineal bearings.  You guess it: the table of this machine is supported by lineal bearings. I think this is not very usual on Klaiber machines.

The grinder arrived with some attachments. As seen in the last pictures a usual tailstock and a 2 axis divider head that mounts a Morse cone n4. More interesting, The pack also contained a relief  grindig head as can be seen in this pictures:

There was also a diamond dresser with several degrees of freedom that allows for shaping the grinding wheels to required radii. This is the part:

I got also the guide of the spiral grinding attachment. Unfortunately, the head was not there. This is sad really. All seems to say that the machine was bought by first owner full equiped.

In future posts I will describe more precisely all this stuff.

A note about Klaiber WS2

According to Tony’s lathe.uk pages, Klaiber universal grinders were originally built by Fritz Klaiber in Schwenningen am Neckar . After 1977, the activity was transfered to Lechler, and finally to Ziersch and Baltrusch by 1985.

Tony’s page describe model WS1. The model I picked was WS2. Main differences are apparent:

  • A different construction of the working head.
  • Lineal ball bearing for the sliding table (at least in this actual machine).
  • Z axis handle mechanism and protection bellows.

The machine is probably built by Lechler as all the labels in the machine and its attachments are due to Lechler.

To my knowledge, a WS3 model was also built. I’m almost convinced that it was the last model sold. Following, there is a picture of a prospect of the WS3 model seen in Ebay some weeks ago. Note this model is also built by Lechler and it shows a more modern look.