The Leinen LZ4SB lathe cabinet has a drawer that is usually used to store the collets set. This requires to make a wood support to organize the set. I want also to store some usual tools: some live and dead centers and the wrenches needed to operate the lathe.

I begin by cutting  a couple of plywood pieces to the approximate size of the drawer. I glue them to obtain a thicker plywood support.

The thicker plywood is cut to the precise size and the holes for the Allen screws are marked, drilled and counterbored. The drawer comes with the necessary supports to attach the plywood piece and thus it will be attached using four M5 conical head hex screws. After that I marked and drilled the holes to support the collets. It was made using a 26mm spade drill. After some bit of sanding I glued a support to avoid the plywood cracking after the weight of the tools. I also glued a big wood block to let a deep milled container in the plywood.

After that a «wrench box» was milled and some more holes for other tools drilled. The overall support is coated with a protective stain.

Finally the support is screwed to the drawer:

Below there are some pictures of the drawer in the lathe cabinet: