In the last post I explained that, after filing the rear spindle oil reservoir a leak appeared. The leakage was big enough to empty the reservoir in some days. It needs to be repaired :-/.

I waited to finish the lacquering of the lathe stand top. Now the headstock can be mounted again in the lathe ans it is easier to work on it:

After that I unscrewed the casing of the rear bearing. It seems that the oil leak problem was due to a couple of loose fasteners. Now I will take the opportunity to clean and paint some parts that now became more accessible.

I show a pair of pictures of the spindle back bearing and the locking nuts. Note that it is an adjustable conical roller bearing. Most of the lathes of this kind use instead a plain bronze bearing. I think that the “B” letter in the lathe model (LZ4SB) refers to this kind of bearing in opposition to the model LZ4S which is more usual.

Here there are some pictures of the bearing assembly: