The work on the power hacksaw is slowly advancing. The saw was completely disassembled and cleaned. It was really dirty, full of chips and old grease. Just to show the state, look at the cutting fluid tank absolutely full of chips. The last owner shouldn’t be very proud of it…

After disassembling the general state observed is good enough for a maybe 50 or 60 years old saw. Most of sliding parts are well fitted. However we observed some slightly worn shafts. We turned a couple of new shafts in AISI O2 steel that have been heat treated after adjusting them. Here you have a picture of an old shaft (on top) and its replacement:

The other part worn is the big bronze nut of the feed screw. It is an ACME nut of 1 1/4in and 6tpi. There is no replacement part and is a complex part to mechanize. We will try to run the saw without replacing it and decide according to the results. This is a picture of this nut:

Painting the saw

The saw will be painted with the original colors. After looking at a RAL using a part that retains the original painting we decided that the original color was RAL 7012 (basalt grey), a rather dark grey. The saw was scrapped, coated with a single component primer (todoterreno beisier) and then smoothed with putty filler before applying primer again:

FInally we begin to paint it with some coats of enamel. We use BESA-VAL industrial enamel. Here you can see the firsts results: