An important task during the Leinen lathe refurbishing is to recover it’s original aesthetics. This a time consuming process if you want a quality result. These are the main tasks:

  • Clean and remove rust of surfaces
  • Polish the surfaces
  • Prepare the surfaces to be painted
  • Paint

Working with the shiny surfaces

The procedure applied to recover the shiny surfaces is as follows:

  1. Degrease and clean it. Diverse solvents can be used depending on the case. Mostly use diesel oil, petrol, or current kitchen degreasers.
  2. If needed, remove the rust. This can be done by mechanical methods using a inox rotary brush. In the case the part is highly polished, you can use vinegar. Soak a rag in vinegar and cover the surface with it. Rub the part with it until rust removed.
  3. Polish the part using polishing paste and a polishing disk (of cotton of fiber depending on needs). Finish always with pink polishing paste to a mirror finish. Pferd pastes can be used.

The procedure is slow but really good results are achieved. Note the following picture of the apron:

and then, some of the parts of the apron after being recovered:

Paint works

The procedure to overhaul the painted parts follows the next steps:

  1. Clean and degrease the parts as explained in the previous section.
  2. Protect holes, plates, shiny parts and all kind of stuff which should be maintained unpainted. Cover them using good quality masking tape.
  3. Evaluate the overall state of the putty layers. If it is impregnated by oil or exhibits bad adherence or there are cracks in the surface, it is better to remove the putty until steel is uncovered. Apply two components carbody putty again to smooth the parts. Smooth the putty with decreasing grain sandpaper.
  4. Paint a coating layer with filler.
  5. To achieve a really smooth finish the filler using wet sandpaper of very fine grain.
  6. Finally apply tow coats of two components polyurethane enamel. Use a very fine foam roller: it results in a nice finish without the problems of an air gun.

The result are parts as follow: