The Leinen lathe comes with a two speed 1:1/1:8 reduction gearbox that can be operated while the machine is running. It works by using a multiple disks oil bath clutch.

We disassembled the gearbox to check its condition. The reduction has a very thick deposit of oil after years without maintenance. Disks are in good condition and shaft seals are a bit worn.

The following image shows the reduction set of parts after unassembling it.

To disassemble the reduction we build a couple of pin keys to turn some retaining nuts:

We cleaned carefully all the dirty oil deposits and replace the two shaft seals by new ones. Seals were first frozen to facilitate the mounting. New seals where exact replacements of the old ones from Simrit, bought at INDICOM. This is the gear case after cleaning:

Aluminum motor pulley was slightly broken. It seems to be the result of a bad old repair. David Arnau weld it again. After welding we mechanized it to the right profile in our other lathe.

The flat belt pulley that transmits the power to the lathe spindle was unevenly worn. We attach it to our big old lathe and rebuild it to a new correct profile.

After that, reduction was ready to be mounted again. We do it sealing all the joints. This the final result: