The first impresions just after the machine arrived:

  1. It has an overall nice contition and there is no excessive wear in any of the mechanisms. The machine looks very well made. There are many quality details and no efforts have been economized when building it.
  2. The handle of the cross slide is bent. The shaft is also bent. It seems that the handle received an importat blow.
  3. There is a layer of badly applyed paint over the original coating. The color do not match the original one.
  4. The main switch is not the original one. By some reason it was replaced.
  5. It has an original coolant tank and pump with a deficient electrical wiring.
  6. The tool slide driving screw has an important backlash and turning it reveals some friction points.
  7. The carriage has some threaded holes to attach tooling that lack the protection setscrews.