The lathe arrived, as usual, without any kind of documentation. In some pages on the net there are partial copies of documentation of similar models.

Conversations with Tony from ended with the purchase of a set of documents for the Leinen LZ4S lathe, which is not exactly the same machine. The deal with Tony was perfect and he sent a copy of the manual and also a catalog of accessories, a verification sheet in which they appear the factory tolerances of a similar lathe and an original catalog. All correctly bound. A fantastic documentation.

The differences between the documentation machine and the one we are overhauling are several. Essentially, the machine we repair:

  • Has a spindle nose DIN 55022 number 4.
  • It has a graduated dial in the carriage handwheel.
  • The spindle mounts precision tapered bearings instead of plain bronze.

After asking if anyone on any forum had the exact manual for the model, I contacted FKW-Kilgenstein, that offer spare parts for this type of machine. After talking with them, they sent a manual (in German) corresponding to the precise model of lathe.